Sevilla in an Afternoon

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I love having our new car. It’s such a blessing, really. Wanting to go see something new and having the freedom to be able to go at the drop of a hat is a beautiful thing. One day we had a free afternoon to do what we pleased and Andrew and I decided to take our globetrotting tots an hour away to Sevilla. It was fun. You should have went with us. But, since you didn’t, here’s what it looks like through my lens.

There are little surprises planted throughout the streets of Sevilla, like the above water fountain, that keep things exciting. Exploring is always interesting, but there was one thing on my must-see list that afternoon.

The beautiful Royal Alcazar of Sevilla. It’s absolutely breathtaking and the adventure of taking in every detail is pleasantly never-ending.

From the windows…

to the walls…

and everything in between, the Alcazar holds beautiful breathtaking detail.

There’s another sight I could look at all day; that smoking hot husband of mine holding my two little beauties. Hubba, hubba.

Oh, right. More of Sevilla.

After the Alcazar, we walked over to Plaza de Espana.

It was surprisingly busy that afternoon, live music playing close by, several boats rowing around in the water, tourists riding in horse and carriage. It was beautiful.

My little one is an animal lover. Horses are at the top of her list of favorite things. Horses are also all over Spain and their owners are always more than ready and willing to take too much money for a ride around town. But, we can’t just take a horse and carriage ride every time we see one.

Or can we?

Suelta, A Year Later

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Last year, when we first moved into this house, I was unpacking boxes when I first saw them. A quick glimpse at a colorful flock of birds flying by my upstairs window. It wasn’t just any ‘ol flock of birds. These were every different color of the rainbow. And as soon as they came, off they flew. You may recall, I had not an inkling of an idea as to what kind of birds these may be. But I had to know.

So I googled. And googled. And… googled.

Finally, I found out my answer. Suelta birds.

Once more, the birds came back.

And ever since, I’ve been obsessed. Like, freakishly obsessed. This entire year since I saw them, every bird I see, I know that it could potentially be a beautiful suelta bird. Unfortunately, in the last year, I haven’t seen them at all. Not once. But, I’ve wanted to. I have the binoculars to prove it.

A few days ago, I saw a flock of birds flying together just down the road past my house. Out of curiosity, I drove toward the birds and what did I see?

Suelta birds, y’all!

These birds were in the middle of a match. Several cars, belonging to their owners, were parked exactly where I was to watch the action.

There were about a dozen spectators. Yelling, cheering, keeping score. All older men. No women. Except me. Because I’m cool like that.

And so I sat and watched.

Until next time, suelta birds. Let’s hope it’s not another year until we meet again, mmkay?

All is Well

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The girls and I are back in Spain! We had a great 3.5 month stay in the states, but as usual; all good things must come to an end. It’s good to be in our home after so long. We’ve been busy every single day since we’ve been back.

One of the first things we did was pick up our shiny new car. I had this black beauty only a day and half before we left for the good ‘ol US of A. Happy to be finally enjoying it.

We also retrieved our pretty kitty from our wonderful cat-sitter (thanks, Andrea O!). Our cat, Sophie definitely missed us. But, not more than we missed her! Happy that her and Leila picked up right where they left off. Leila can’t get enough of her!

The weather has been treating us well, high 60’s practically every day. We’re gearing up for another exciting Spanish summer.

Hasta luego, amigos!

The L Family [Portraits]

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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of portraits to attempt to fine tune my photography skills. One family that I’ve got to photograph lately is the family of Jeff & Maureen. They have three beautiful children; Rory, Peter, and Michael. Just check out how good looking this family is!

You can’t tell me this one doesn’t melt your heart.

Rory knows how to work the camera. Half the pictures I took were taken of her. She’s so adorable!

Isn’t he handsome?

And this little guy, too. He could stare right through you. So precious!

This one would have to be my favorite. Such a sweet photo of a great family!

Barcelona: La Rambla Street Performers

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After we left the Christopher Columbus monument, we ventured off towards nearby La Rambla. La Rambla is a walkway filled with cafes, shops and street performers. Here are the street performers we saw that day.

I’m not sure of his purpose but he was scary!

This little girl was brave to go up to this guy to give him money!

Get it, girl!

I thought about getting a picture with this one until I saw…

And obviously I changed my mind.

Here’s Andrews fave (but not Leila’s).

My favorite! Who woulda thought this Missouri girl would have found a cowboy in Barcelona?! Yeehaw!

Which one was your favorite?

Barcelona: Christopher Columbus

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I know you must have thought my Barcelona trip deets were done being posted, but behold; more about Barcelona! This post may be of particular interest to you considering it is about a Christopher Columbus monument and I’m posting it on Christopher Columbus day. Good timing.

Honestly, I think Columbus Day is a bit silly. Columbus is glorified for discovering America when in fact he did not. He did however make the Europeans aware of the Americas and my husband had a long weekend because of this so… hooray for Columbus Day! While we were in Barcelona, we spent only 1.5 days. Saturday was a full day of exploring and so we kicked off our day at the Christopher Columbus statue.

The monument in its entirety is 155 feet. Columbus is on top of the statue with a scroll in one hand while the other is pointing to the New World.

It really was a beautiful monument. I’m amazed at how Christopher Columbus crossed the ocean without a GPS or posting his journey updates to Facebook or Twitter. His blog would have been awesome.

Aliana really enjoyed seeing the statue as we’ve been learning about American History in homeschool. It was fun to look at all the depictions of different events on the statue and discuss them with her.

And then we were off to do a little exploring of our own!

Barcelona: Casa Batllo

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Directly after visiting La Sagrada Familia, we hurried over to Casa Batllo (bot-yo). This is another building designed by Antonio Gaudi. Gaudi designed it for a wealthy man with a large family of 5 children in 1904.

The outside of the home itself is an adventure. Gaudi wanted this home to look as if it was a dragon. I can’t imagine what the neighbors were thinking back in 1904 when this house was being built. I wonder if they had a similar reputation to that of the Addams’ Family.

Gaudi had this homes’ design pinned down to the very last detail.

This is the stairwell in the home. Gaudi wanted to make it feel like you were under water. I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland. The roof top is where my mind was officially blown.

KelseyLately.comIt was so stinking colorful.

If you are totally awesome and ‘like’ the Facebook page, you may have seen this photo posted on my page today. And if you haven’t already guessed, Casa Batllo is exactly where this photo was taken! Side note: If you do not already like Kelsey Lately on Facebook, do it and do it now.

The girls wanted to pose like their hot mom. Aren’t they cute?

Gaudi, you’re a frackin’ genius!