A Bodega and a sampling of Sevilla

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We’ve lived here for about 15 months now and we finally had our first family visitors come stay with us. I had been counting down the days ever since they bought their airline tickets. My older sister, Whitney and my little brother, Seth flew in together for a fun-filled 9 day Spanish vacation with yours truly. We saw and did a lot, but here’s the skinny on just their first couple of days.

The first day we ventured off to a small bodega hidden in the small alleyways in Jerez de la Frontera called Bodegas Tradicion.

I’ve visited Bodegas Tradicion in the past (there’s a whole heap of information here) and there are several reasons why I chose to go back to this particular one. For starters, when I knocked on the door (after getting lost in the small streets in the city and missing our appointment), the tour guide from our last visit, Sabrina instantly recognized me from more than a year ago and ushered me in excitedly. She remembered my girls and details about my life and I felt like I was catching up with an old friend. The rest of the visit with my sister and brother was much the same feeling;  friendly chatting on top of filling us with plenty of information about sherry.

On top of the regular tour, she showed us where they bottle the sherry.

Sure, these just look like a couple of long necks now, but…

After a little DIY sherry-bottle decorating…

and finally, grabbing the nearest pretty little gal to help you stamp a seal onto it, it’s nearly drinkable. Speaking of drinking…

… we did a little of that, too. We could have stayed at the Bodega all day but it might have ruined their plans for a following appointment or two. So, we kept it moving right along and found a place to settle in for a good lunch in the city center.

Thoughts about this photo: my sister is one of the most photogenic people ever and thanks to the sunlight, it looks as though my little brother appears to have a patch of gray on his head.

Ahh, delicious gazpacho. A cool Spanish dish on a hot afternoon hits the spot and also gives you enough room for churros and chocolate for dessert.

The second day, we drove to Sevilla. Our first stop there was the Catedral de Sevilla. The Sevilla Cathedral is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world and the third largest church in the world.

Theories have been thrown around, but it is believed that Christopher Columbus’ remains are buried here.

As soon as we stepped out of the cathedral, we were melting in the Spanish sun. I couldn’t bare it considering I’m too much of a lady to perspire. Thankfully we found an entire street filled with cafes and restaurants with mist coming from their umbrellas. We planted ourselves there and gorged ourselves on paella much like any other smart tourists would.

This was my second trip to Sevilla. I’m super blessed because I live only a little more than an hour from this beautiful city.

Things that match: outfits (totally accidental) and our excitement to be in Spain together. Olé!

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3 thoughts on “A Bodega and a sampling of Sevilla

  1. Anxious to see more. But Sevilla looks like a really cool city. And it looked like you were having fun. Dennis.

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