To Market, To Market

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Sometimes going to the grocery store can be a real pain in the arse. It’s where all the things I love the most but are the absolute worst for me (Reese’s, Milanos, Dr. Pepper, need I say more?) are found.

Fortunately, there’s a wonderful market in Cadiz that sells the freshest and healthiest foods. A couple of weeks ago, we strapped the double stoller on top of the Purple Rocket and set out on our first trip to the Market. Here’s what we found.

Finding parking in most Spanish cities is always somewhat tricky. Since we weren’t sure the exact location of the market, we were lucky when the underground parking we randomly picked was very close to the market and we didn’t have to search too long. Even if we did, it would have been totally worth it. This place was the bomb!

The Cadiz Market is basically a giant square. On the outer edge, you’ll find fruits, vegetables, olives, sausage, rabbit, pheasant, and more.

In the center of the square is where you find all the fresh seafood. I happened to find that part the most interesting. And the smelliest.

If you’re craving octopus, then you’re in luck! The Spanish make use of every single creature in the sea.

Won’t you be joining me for dinner?

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