A Campo Abierto

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A couple of weekends ago we ventured off with a few other MU8 families to spend the morning at A Campo Abierto. A Campo Abierto is a farm that raises horses, oxen and bulls that take part in bullfights here in Spain. Here are some just enough pictures to make you feel like you were actually with me that day.

At the beginning, the riders were introduced.

Each of these emblems represent the different breeders.

Later they brought some of their friends.

Their huge friends, that is.

This isn’t a bull or a horse. It’s an ass. Not sure of its purpose in the whole scheme of things, but it was an entertaining ass nonetheless.

Round ‘em up, cowboys.

I don’t see how such a huge animal can be scared of an animal that is 10 times smaller.

Oh, uh… I see why they’re scared now.

Taking a break for a quick cerveza.

I’m sure that this horse was singing the Spanish version of Willie Nelson’s “Beer for my Horses” at this point. Speaking of horses…

After the bulls, oxen and such, it was the horses’ turn to trot and gallop for the crowd.

This horse was doing an Andalusian horse dance.

And the rest is history, really.  I had a great time visiting a bit of the Andalusian countryside but for 18 Euro per adult, this will be a one time occurence for our family.

If you’re living in Rota and looking for a countryside destination to explore, visit this website for more information on A Campo Abierto and directions to their ranch.
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